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        The essence of the provided source is a comprehensive collection of Vickers hardness values for various aluminum alloy materials. These measurements, obtained using a Tianxing W-20 Vickers hardness tester, serve as a guide to the typical hardness one can expect from nearly 400 different grades of aluminum alloys, each subjected to distinct heat treatment processes. It’s crucial to note that these values are not qualification benchmarks but rather indicative figures; for material qualification, one must refer to specific technical specifications, such as the national standard GB 5237.1 for aluminum alloy building profiles.

        Key Points from the Aluminum Alloy Hardness Chart

        • Vickers Hardness Tester Usage: The Tianxing W-20 device was employed to measure the hardness of a wide range of aluminum alloys.
        • Typical Hardness Values: The list includes typical hardness values for nearly 400 grades, with examples like 6063-T5 and 6063A-T5 having minimum standards of 8HW and 10HW, respectively, according to GB 5237.1.
        • Reference Purposes: Hardness values (HW, HB, HV, HRB, HBA) are for reference and not for qualification; ASTM E140 is recommended for conversion tables.
        • Diverse Material Grades: The chart covers a variety of aluminum alloys, including but not limited to Alpase K100-S™ Plate, Weldural alloy, and 3003 series, with their corresponding hardness values across different heat treatments.

        Explore the World of Aluminum Hardness

        For industry professionals, material scientists, and engineers, the detailed aluminum alloy hardness chart is a treasure trove of data that can inform material selection and engineering decisions. If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of aluminum alloys’ hardness and how they measure up against industry standards, the full chart awaits. Dive into the extensive database at MachineMfg’s Aluminum Alloy Hardness Chart and equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed material choices.

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