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        I would really like a chance to pick your brain about some press brake specifics, I have already been employing your ram depth calculator, but I would like to root cause my issue, the current set up, desired angle
        Performed angle
        Correction sensitivity
        .00144 “/° or .36575mm/°
        (what my delem 66t controller displays)
        Controller calculated correction
        (.36576mm/° • 9) 3.29184mm
        Ram depth calculator
        Calculations per depth calculator
        (2.947/.36576mm/°) = 8.0672°
        Input correction
        Angle achieved

        I can’t rely on an operator to do that when I have a controller that’s supposed to do it, I know it’s a very in depth process with precise variables some that can only be acquired from the material supplier that changes per batch. The set up on these things, under bending new programs by >30° sometimes and having to guess corrections with the 66t controller? Please help me figure out what’s wrong with these set ups, if I can get a better idea of what the algorithm includes to calculate ram travel. I can better isolate which one(s) are wrong. I can’t be proud of my machines right now, but I want to learn and want to get these machines doing what I know they can.
        Thank you
        Travis Self
        Fab Parts USA Maintenance

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