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        Unlock the potential for greater efficiency in metal fabrication with a comprehensive guide on the theoretical weights of stainless steel plates. The source provides essential data and tools to streamline the process of estimating material weight, which is vital for precision and cost management in the metalworking industry.

        Key Insights for Metalworking Precision

        • Material Density & Thickness: The article emphasizes the significance of these factors in calculating the weight per unit area of stainless steel plates, particularly for types 304 and 316.
        • Weight Charts & Calculator: It offers detailed charts and a convenient plate weight calculator, aiding in quick and accurate weight estimations for various plate sizes.
        • 304 Stainless Steel Weights: The source lists the theoretical weight per square meter for 304 stainless steel plates, with a density of 7.93g/cm³, across a range of thicknesses.
        • 316 Stainless Steel Weights: Similarly, it provides the weight per square meter for 316 stainless steel plates, with a slightly higher density of 8.0g/cm³.

        Empower Your Production with Precision Tools

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