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        The comprehensive guide on C Channel weights provides an essential resource for professionals in the metal fabrication industry. It lays out detailed specifications of various C Channel models, including dimensions, cross-sectional areas, and weight per meter, enabling precise calculations for structural design and manufacturing needs.

        Key Specifications of C Channels:

        • Model Variations: Ranging from C80 to C240, accommodating different structural requirements.
        • Dimensional Details: Each model includes height (h), width (b), flange width (c), and thickness (t) in millimeters.
        • Cross-Sectional Area: Provided in square centimeters, crucial for calculating the strength and load-bearing capacity.
        • Weight Per Meter: Listed in kilograms per meter, essential for determining the load during transportation and installation.

        The chart displays a progression of sizes and weights, illustrating the versatility of C Channels for various applications. It caters to a wide array of design needs, from lighter structures requiring the C80 model to more robust constructions that may call for the sturdiness of the C240.

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        Visit C Channel Weight Chart to make informed decisions for your next project and elevate your production capabilities.

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